A new Mexican restaurant is opening its doors for the very first time today. 

Pachangas will be welcoming guests today March 19 in the neighbouring town of Newbury at 17 The Market Place, a unit that is next door to Pizza Express. 

A spokesperson for the brand-new eatery said the following:

"We are open! Join us for lunch, dinner, margaritas, and embrace the spirit of Pachanga. Come be a part of our fiesta in Newbury, ¡Bienvenidos!"

Staff are now welcoming customers into the newly designed restaurant with rustic wooden walls.

General Mexican-themed decorations have been used by designers to create a truly authentic experience for guests. 

Black and white sombrero hats hang on the panelled walls which also have various brightly coloured scenes painted on them. 

One such scene is a couple displaying iconography for the Day of the Dead, with skeletal masks and musical instruments. 

A large brightly coloured neon light-up skull also adorns one of the walls, a further reference to the Day of the Dead in Mexican culture. 

Since news of Pachangas' opening broke, many have expressed their excitement for the new restaurant coming to Newbury, stating that they feel the town will benefit from somewhere specialising in Mexican cuisine.