A grandad had a magical moment on a British beach when he discovered a rock that looks like Lord Voldemort.

Andy Yon noticed the resemblance while strolling along the seafront at Weston-super-Mare beach, Somerset.

Reading Chronicle:

He initially thought the rock looked liked a Neanderthal, but has since revised the likeness to Harry Potter's arch-enemy.

Engineer Andy took the rock home to Reading and said he's unbothered about having Voldermort's face nearby.

He said: "I just think it's incredible how it's obviously a rock but has all the features of the face. It's amazing.

"It's even contorted like a face! But on the back you can see the quartz of the rock. At first I thought it looked Neanderthal, but actually it's just like Lord Voldermort."

Andy brought the stone home six months ago. He often collects unusual rocks for his grandchildren but has held on to this one.