Newbury Town Crier Brian Sylvester has announced that he will be retiring from his role after 25 years of service.

Mr Sylvester began his tenure as Newbury Town Crier on April 1 1999, and has been delivering community updates and announcements ever since.

Over the years, he has taken part in Mayor Making Ceremonies, Jubilees, community events, local shop openings and has becoming an integral part of the town’s identity.

Brian’s unique and resonant voice echoed through the streets of Newbury ever since he embarked on the role, ensuring that residents remained informed about local events, celebrations, and important news.

The role extended beyond mere announcements; he served as a symbol of community and a reliable source of information.

As Newbury bids farewell, plans are underway to celebrate Brian’s contribution to the Town.

Residents are invited to share their memories and photos to express their appreciation for his tireless dedication by sending these to

Newbury Town Council will be commencing the search for a successor to carry on the tradition of the Town Crier, as well as searching for a Mace Bearer.

Those who may be interested in either role, should visit where a job description and application form are available.