Edith Turner, a resident of The Hollies care home in Burghfield Common, has marked her 101st birthday surrounded by family, staff, and fellow residents.

Born in Lambeth, London, Edith Turner (née Bunn) grew up near the Oval Cricket Ground, embodying the spirit and resilience of her generation.

During World War II, as part of the Land Army, her path crossed with Norman Turner at a station in Ham, near Newbury.

Their love story began amidst the challenges of wartime Britain, leading to a marriage in 1943, setting the foundation for a family legacy spanning four generations.

The festivities at the care home, part of Larchwood Care, were filled with joy, reflecting the many generations that Edith’s well-lived life has touched.

Today, Edith is a matriarch to a loving family, including a son and daughter-in-law, two granddaughters, six great-grandchildren, and one great-granddaughter. When asked about her secret to a long and healthy life, she attributes it to "a good sprinkling of luck" and a life free of serious illnesses.

Reflecting on her youth and the evolution of relationships, Edith recalls the simplicity of meeting her late husband without the modern conveniences of online dating.

Their first date at a local pub in Ham laid the groundwork for a marriage that endured the test of time, emphasising the importance of kindness, commitment, and shared experiences.

Throughout her life, Edith has embraced various roles, from her contributions to the war effort in the Land Army to her work in cleaning and housekeeping, including her time at a children's hospital.

Edith's life advice is simple yet profound: "Be kind to everyone." It's a principle that has guided her through the decades, reflecting a legacy of love, resilience, and kindness that will continue to inspire those around her.

Home manager Yasemin Ucan said: "Celebrating Edith's 101st birthday has been a joyous occasion for everyone here at The Hollies.

"Her story is one of remarkable resilience and love that crosses generations. Edith is a cherished member of our community, and her life's journey inspires us all to cherish every moment and embrace kindness at every opportunity.

"We were privileged to share this special day with her and her family."

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