Pet owners are reminded to stay vigilant after one confirmed case of Alabama Rot was reported in Berkshire this month February 2024.

The case confirmed for 2024 occurred in Finchampstead. There were only 11 cases recorded in 2022, and there were two reported in Berkshire in 2023.

According to Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists, CRGV, more commonly known as Alabama rot, is rare but very severe condition that damages dogs' blood vessels in the skin and kidneys.

While some dogs may only develop skin sores, others may experience both skin sores and kidney failure.

Unfortunately, many dogs with kidney failure die from the disease, but dogs that only develop skin sores are expected to recover.

Reports of a case so early on in the year are highly unusual and veterinary specialists have called for increased vigilance.

It's important to stay alert and take necessary precautions to minimize the risk of your pet contracting Alabama rot, even though the likelihood is still relatively low.

A spokesperson for Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists said: “Regrettably, there is no known cure or active method to prevent CRGV.

“The disease may be more prevalent in dogs that are walked in wooded areas during times of increased rainfall.

“The disease is considered to be seasonal, with most cases, but not all, occurring between November and May.”

When walking in muddy areas, it's advisable to wash or rinse your dog after the walk, particularly between November and May.

It's also crucial to examine your pet regularly for sores and unexplained wounds, particularly on the legs, lower body, and face.

The spokesperson continued: “While it's unlikely that most skin sores are caused by this rare disease, identifying the condition early may increase the likelihood of successful treatment.

“If you suspect that your dog may have CRGV or want more information about cases of CRGV in Berkshire, contact your local veterinary practice for support.

“In case of any suspicious symptoms such as lethargy, vomiting, decreased appetite, and unusually fast breathing, take your dog to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

“It's worth noting that there have only been a few cases of Alabama rot reported in the UK, and the risk of your pet developing the disease is still relatively low.”

Taking precautions and being mindful of the symptoms of the disease can help you protect your pet and catch any potential cases early.

With early treatment, most dogs recover from Alabama rot, but early detection is crucial for a successful recovery.