With the new year health kicks still being in people's minds, many Reading locals will be hitting the gym with a plan to lose weight or get in shape.

But sweating it out during peak times to reach your goals can be daunting, especially for those who are new to fitness.

Fear not, though. New research has discovered the best times to visit the gym in Reading, so those looking to improve their fitness in 2024 know when to avoid.

Nutrition experts at Bulk analysed Google data to find the number of visits reported for various gyms in Reading to determine which times are the most popular and which are the least popular.

The busiest time and day to visit the gym is Wednesday at 6pm, while the second busiest time is Tuesday at 6pm. The third most popular time to visit the gym is Sunday at 11am.

On the other hand, Monday at 3am is the quietest time to head to the gym, with Wednesday at 3am being the second quietest time. The third quietest time for exercising at the gym is Tuesday at 3am.

Speaking about the findings, a spokesperson from Bulk said: "Attempting a workout in a busy gym can be daunting for anybody, but particularly for those who are new to their fitness journey.

"With these findings, gym-goers can plan their workouts well and exercise in a quiet space by avoiding the busiest times.

"As well as reducing feelings of intimidation, heading to the gym at a quiet time ensures that more machines and equipment will be free, thus preventing you from altering your workout due to crowds.”