Reading comedian Ricky Gervais' stint as an aspiring pop star has resurfaced online, leaving fans astonished by his early appearance.

'The Office' creator began his bid for a music career in 1983, during his final year at University College London.

Forming a new wave pop duo called Seona Dancing with university friend Bill Macrae, Gervais was signed by London Records, which released two of their singles, More to Lose and Bitter Heart, but failed to make the UK Singles Chart.

Lauded for his candid love for music and self-commentary as 'a frustrated, failed musician,' Gervais' old performance left fans swooning.

Surprised fans commented: "Look at those cheekbones. What a fashion plate!

Visibly significant is how Gervais ingeniously integrates his passion for music into his television work, using his career as a comedian as an outlet for his frustrated musician persona.

His most notable creation, The Office’s David Brent, parallels his music struggle.

A 2016 mockumentary film released by Gervais follows the fictional boss' failed attempts at chart success.

"I sneak a song into everything I do," Gervais revealed during a 2016 appearance on Graham Norton.

"I wrote a song for The Simpsons, I wrote a song with David Bowie for Extras".

Upon resurfacing his music career photo, Gervais, being his usual self-deprecating self, responded.

During Norton's program, he said: 'That’s called Seona Dancing, let’s move on.

I’m not embarrassed by [the throwback picture], I’m embarrassed by [my current look]. Everyone’s going, ‘What the f*** happened?’ I’ll tell you what happened: Pizza happened'."

Even though Gervais's quest for rhapsody fell short, he soon bagged his recent impressive accomplishment - a Golden Globe for Best Performance in Stand-Up Comedy on Television.

Gervais stated before the ceremony he didn't expect to win but beat competitors like Trevor Noah, Chris Rock, and Amy Schumer.

He didn't attend the Beverly Hills event, with Jim Gaffigan accepting the award for the comic's Netflix special, Armageddon.

"Thank you so much for all your lovely comments and kind words about my Golden Globe win."