Protesters blocked the entrance of a Barclays Bank to highlight the ongoing support of fossil fuels.

People could be seen inside Broad Street, Reading branch today (Saturday) as part of the continuing protests against the bank.

Protestors are sat in silence on the floor holding up ‘funding climate change’ banners at the entrance.

Protestors said Barclays 'is the biggest funder of fossil fuels in Europe and seventh in the world.'

They suggest by backing any corporation expanding their fossil fuel operations, banks effectively generate climate unrest.

Extinction Rebellion said: "The global heating level last year was the most considerable escalation in human history.

"It recorded the highest temperatures since the logging of such data started.

"Projections indicate that 2024 will see even more blistering heat.

"With escalating sea temperatures, intense wildfires, and floods, the devastating effects are leading to soaring food prices and multiplied losses in billions.

"Barclays, notwithstanding, persists in directing finances into fossil fuel initiatives."