EXTINCTION Rebellion is staging a silent protest today in Reading town centre.

On February 10, between 11am and 12 noon, Reading's branch of Extinction Rebellion, along with other supporters, will be protesting.

The protest is taking place at Barclays Bank on Broad Street, Reading.

The focus is the bank's "continued support for fossil fuel businesses."

Extinction Rebellion claims Barclays Bank is the biggest European funder of fossil fuels and ranks as seventh in the world.

Funding decisions taken by banks have significant consequences – shaping industries, affecting communities, and impacting ecosystems.

Dani said: "I moved my account away from Barclays Bank three years ago when I became aware of its climate-wrecking investments.

"Barclays has funnelled billions into fossil fuel extraction and I just couldn’t turn a blind eye to a bank that chooses to support projects contributing to the devastating world crises we are in.

"Not in my name."

The group will also be interacting with the public, explaining the protest's rationale and promoting the shift towards sustainable financial alternatives.