Locals have been remembering a time when Reading Station looked a little different.

Before the introduction of an overhead pass in 1989, the former station partially operated with an underpass.

In a recent post on social media, dozens of locals have been sharing their memories of the past station.

Murray Leese posted a photograph of the vintage station to The Reading & Thames Valley Area Memories of Another Day group.

Along with the photograph from 1967, he wrote the following:

“How many times have YOU..raced down these stairs and along the tunnel to platforms 9-10 at Reading General...memories for me as a kid.”

Many people took to the comment section of the post, echoing Mr Leese’s sentimentality.

Norman Topsom said “That brings back loads of memories” and Barry Armstrong said “Used to be a barbers down there in the 60s.”

Janet Kane said “I used to go through a tunnel from main station to Caversham Road to go to school. I always had a recurring dream about a Lion chasing me to the end and I just managed to get in a cupboard.

“Scarred for life.”

Gordon Patey said “I remember dragging trolley loads of mail from platform 9 to the dump on platform 4 to be sorted good times.”

Tina Breadmore said “Fond memories, my dad was a guard on God's Wonderful Railway and we had family in London so went by train to visit them.”

Others questioned the layout of the old station, discussing its past look and features.

Julie Munro said “The last time I used Reading Station I think it had 14 platforms” with Alan Marshall replying “In 1967 there were four through platforms and eight bay platforms.

“Today there are nine through platforms and six bay platforms.”

Dietrich Summerill said “Is this now the station under pass?

“I remember being able to come out in the middle of the street outside of the station.”

However, many remembered the station underpass with not as much positivity.

Anndenise Davies said “Always remember it smelling awful, didn’t like it one little bit, very scary at night.”

Susan Liddell said “I remember walking under the station to get to Kings Meadow to go swimming as a kid in the 60s. It was a bit creepy, especially at the far end.”

Bill Johnson said “Horrible and smelly. The only bonus as a kid you could hear the steam and diesel engines arriving or going.”