Residents have been sharing their memories of Brook Street West in Coley.

On a recent post to social media from Murray Lease, a number of past residents of the street have been remembering times shared whilst living in the neighbourhood.

Along with a vintage photograph of said road, Mr Leese also wrote the following:

“Brook Street West, Coley Reading :1989

“Showing the Holybrook at the mouth of the River Kennet before it enters the town and onwards to meet the Thames.

“The end house has the date 1888 in brick on the gable end. Mrs. Mitchell (103 years old) lived at Number 38 and Mr. Hamblin lived at number 58.”

Many took to the comment section of the post to share their memories of Brook Street West.

Colin Currill said “The Currill's lived in the last house in the front end of BSW. Next to the alley that went up to the shop on Wosley Street, I think that is the correct name of the street.

“They were Granddad Mark, Granny, all 4ft10 of her, and their sons Fred, Harry, Charles, and my dad William, more usually known as Bill.”

Echoing the previous comment, Christopher Gould said “Mrs Masons House on the corner,, I lived at no 52 second lamppost up, cray fish, stickleback, my grans sister lived up the top of the road Mrs Smith.”

Scotty Card also said “I lived in the opposite end house (number 28) for a short period of time about 15 years ago.”

Many remembered family members that had lived on the street.

Michelle Jones said “My dad lived in brook street west as a boy back in the late 30s early 40s his house got knocked down but he did tell me all his adventures he had there growing up.”

Dave Mason said “74 Brook St West my mum and dad's house with myself and sister that's my old triumph outside.”

Others shared memories of darker things that had occurred on Brook Street West around this time.

Alan Eames said “I remember catching up and dealing with a shoplifter along there one evening, few years before 1989, when I had the shop in Wolseley Street.”

Mike Fisher said “Did you know Brian Everett lived at 44 I think he lived with his aunt and her sister he used to do a lot off fishing in the Kennet I don’t know if you remember he was found drowned.”