Residents in Cemetery Junction are at their wit's end concerning the fly-tipping that has been happening all over the neighbourhood.

Members of the community say that every street has something dumped on at one time or another and that it is becoming an everyday occurrence.

Jennifer Farrell, 45, of Cemetery Junction said that most of the residents hate it and the minority spoil it for everyone else.

“The local councillors do what they can,” she said. “But ultimately, it’s down to Reading Borough Council to implement stronger policies.

“Some is on private land, and the council wipe their hands of that. A shop on London Road dumped the hold sign last year, and it's still there despite reporting it.

“This is something that I'm passionate about sorting as it really brings the neighbourhood down.

“I've never lived anywhere that has had this level of fly-tipping before.”

Local resident Katie Bates recently posted to social media to air her grievances with regard to the fly-tipping.

In a post to Facebook, she explained how she is despairing regarding the matter.

She said: “Sometimes I despair. The amount of fly-tipping and dumping of waste in gardens about New Town is revolting.

“Rob White, is there anything I can do about reporting the waste people are just “storing” in their gardens? Is it acceptable for rubbish bags to be piled up in a front yard?”

She also said that she has seen rats in the area.

Residents have been uploading pictures of the rubbish strewn around Cemetery Junction and posting them on the live street app, but they say that the majority of litter has not been collected.

Ms Farrell said: “You'll get people saying they can't get to the tip, but you factor in the disposal of the old when you buy new. If you have an excess of rubbish, you need to look at better ways of recycling.

“The council certainly haven't helped with the smaller bins, but most of what you see is pure laziness and dodgy landlords that dump when tenants move out.”

“The council aren't interested. Lots of residents don't care, including my neighbours who regularly dump their rubbish on the street, despite having a larger bin and three cars to take it to the tip. The council need to start fining for anything they find with an address on.”

Reading Borough Council has been contacted for a comment.