Following Storm Isha, Storm Jocelyn is upon us resulting in the issuing of more yellow and amber weather warnings across the UK.

Therefore, EV motorists must consider the various challenges cold and windy weather presents to ensure they are getting behind the wheel safely, as well as avoiding hefty fines and penalty points.

With this in mind, The Electric Car Scheme has put together a list of driving rules EV motorists must keep in mind as storm Jocelyn grips the UK.

Electric car drivers face fines of up to £1,000 for driving mistakes in stormy conditions 

Winter driving law 

Potential fine 

Make sure all EV sensors are clear of snow, ice and mud before you set off 


Don’t leave charge point cables untidy during a recharge 

Up to £130 

Ensure windows are properly demisted clearing snow and ice before driving 


Wear clothing that doesn’t impact your ability to drive safely 



Drivers should not drive if their electric vehicle’s sensors begin to fail or are damaged from poor weather conditions (heavy rain and wind). If you’re unable to comply with traffic signs you could end up with a £100 fine. 

According to rule 239 of the highway code, you should park close to the charge point and avoid creating a trip hazard for pedestrians from trailing cables, or you could face a fine of up to £130. 

In line with endorsement code MS10, if drivers fail to have proper control of the vehicle or full visibility of the road and traffic ahead this can result in a penalty of £1,000 and three penalty points.