Amid the chaos of last week’s flooding a large boat came free from its mooring and got stuck between Caversham Bridge.

The 60 foot long steel cabin cruiser boat called “Temptress” came loose from where it was stationed on the Warren. This occurred on Saturday January 6.

The large boat then floated down stream before hitting Caversham Bridge.

It then became wedged on the bank to the righthand side of the bridge which luckily stopped it from floating even further downstream.

Unfortunately, the boat was looted during the night with various furniture and pieces of equipment stolen.

The Temptress is just one of many boats that “went rogue” during last week’s heavy flooding.

Tom Luke, a houseboat resident who lives near Caversham Bridge, said that he knows of a number of other cases where boats have floated down stream.

He said: “This was one of a number of boats that came adrift and floated down the stream during the flooding.”

This news comes as Caversham Lock recently reported its highest recorded water level measured downstream after the latest rainfall from Storm Henk.

There were also numerous reports of flooding on Caversham’s roads, with many having to take diverted routes to avoid mass expanses of water.