Many have paid tribute to a mother who tragically died on Christmas day.

Kirsten Dungan, 42, of Sonning Common, was a former beautician with two children, Kian who is 13 years old, and Sienna who is 10.

Since news of this tragic turn of events broke on social media, a number of people have shared their condolences for Mrs Dungan’s family.

In the comment section of a Facebook post, one person wrote “Those poor children,” with another stating “Christmas day will never be the same again for those poor children, rest in peace.”

Many also shared the story on their pages along with words to remember Mrs Dungan.

One person wrote on their shared post “Touched and broken hearts in our local community. Everyone loved Kirsten,” with a further person commenting “So, heartbreakingly sad.”

Some also expressed their understanding of the pain of mental health issues.

One wrote “I’m so sorry for your loss. Hopefully she can rest in peace now. Mental health is never easy to cope with, thinking of you all at this difficult time.”

In response to the previous statement, another person commented “So so sad, we lost a family member in February who had children, sending love to all the family.”