As severe flooding continues to deeply affect many areas of the southeast, locals of Pangbourne have been remembering a previous flood that took place almost two decades prior.

In a Facebook post released by Nicola Maclean dozens of people have been discussing a flood that hit the village in 2007.

The pictures posted to social media show the road outside The Star Inn completely flooded with locals wading through troves of water.

One user said “This was caused by a builder/homeowner who decided to put a concrete pipe and gravel into the stream Behind the Greyhound in Tidmarsh to create a crossing for construction vehicles.

“It burst its banks and flowed across the fields before coming out at the bottom of Sulham Lane into Bourne Road.”

In response to the previous commenter, another user also shared his experiences of the 2007 flood.

“You are correct,” they said. “I had photos of it but seem to have lost them. I phoned up the environment agency about it and heard nothing so phoned again.

“They said they had given the builder 6 weeks to remove the obstruction. There were 4 concrete pipes placed in the Pang and then gravel was put on top to make an access bridge.

“These pipes had blocked with small branches and leaves, so the Pang overflowed, it was nearly dry below the obstruction.”

Other commenters chimed in to share their stories of when the Pang flooded.

One said “I remember this! We were working a Saturday and I couldn't get into the village, then we were watching it all unfold out the window as half the patients couldn't get to us!”

Another said “ I Remember it so well July 2007. As the water came into my house, much to the amusement of my family, I ‘saved’ the ironing board and ran upstairs with it.”

A further commenter added “I missed a concert, and you had my whole family to stay.

"Luckily for us we only had to leave the house for 1 night as we had no power and a 5-week-old baby to care for.”

Others remembered the flooding with less frivolity, many stating that they struggled after their village was flooded.

One user wrote “I remember this well. I had to move out of my house for a year for new floors and dry it out. Was an absolute nightmare.”

In agreement with the previous comment, another said “It was awful. Mum and dad were out of their home in temporary accommodation for months.”