After publishing a previous feature on the disparity between the least and most deprived neighbourhoods of Reading, there has been a lot in the way of public reaction.

As previously reported, according to government statistics Caversham is considered one of the least deprived areas of Reading.

Walking down the main high street, visually it is easy to see why. The streets are clean and well-kept, the shops are mainly independent, and the eateries are also independent and are on the pricier side.

To compare to the considerably affluent Caversham, I then visited the Community Café in Whitley - an area of Reading that is considered one of the most income-deprived neighbourhoods.

During my walk there I did notice how the houses were smaller, the roads were a lot dirtier with litter strewn about, and a considerable amount of the local shops were either shut or in disrepair.

Since mentioning the differences between both areas, one such local has come forward to express his views.

David Turner said that despite Whitley being considered an income-deprived area of Reading, the neighbourhood actually has a lot to offer.

He said: “You certainly do not see lots of empty shops in Whitley and if one does become vacant it is quickly snapped up.

“Pubs may have closed but that is a countrywide issue. While we are missing some of Whitley’s iconic pubs, we still have good cafes, restaurants, and other drinking establishments.”

Mr Turner went on to say that there are families that are struggling in the neighbourhood, but that this is a UK wide issue and Whitley is certainly not one of the poorest areas as statistics suggest.

He continued: “Where there are issues, I think we can be proud in Whitley that through the WCDA help is there and responded to once we hear of an issue.”

“Lack of green spaces has been raised, Whitley probably has more green spaces than other areas of Reading.

“Apart from the green spaces we have good play parks for children and nature reserves including good walks through Green Park.”

Mr Turner also said that there are improvements to be made such as feeder bus routes through the estate, but that Reading Buses are on the case with announcements made only this week.

Mr Turner concluded his statement saying: “I have lived and worked in Whitley for 51 years and do not intend moving anytime soon!”