As previously reported, new NHS statistics show that patients and visitors collectively paid over one million pounds for parking at Royal Berkshire Hospital from 2022 to 2023.

The data also shows that this was a result of a 41.1% increase in price as the following year patients and visitors paid £715,038 as opposed to this year’s £1,009,092.

Since news of this came to attention, members of the public have come forward to discuss their views on the expense of the parking fees.

Mr Ted Goodhew said “Hospitals need funds. If they can't get enough funds from the Government they will look for other ways to do it.

“Naturally, people blame the hospitals. They should blame the Government for not having the courage to raise enough in taxation to fund a well-managed service.

“Instead, they look around for anyone or anything else they can blame. Hospitals have great expenses and Government support is pitiful.  What else can they do?”

Across the UK hospital patients and visitors forked out £146 million for car parking last year – up by 50% from the previous year, figures show.

This is the equivalent of £400,000 a day.

As previously reported by Mail Online, campaign groups have warned that these 'sky high' prices could put people off seeking care or deprive them of the support they get from visitors.

Parking charges at Royal Berkshire Hospital are as follows:

Up to 1 hour £ 1.50

Up to 2 hours £ 4.00

Up to 3 hours £ 5.00

Up to 4 hours £ 7.50

Up to 6 hours £ 10.50

All-day parking £ 16.50


A number of people also took to social media to discuss their thoughts on the parking fees.

One person said “Far too expensive it should be free” and another person wrote “I drove around the car park for an hour, couldn’t get out of the car park to go elsewhere, missed my appointment.”

In agreement with the previous comments, another user wrote “Even the nurses have to pay for parking RBH and I’d say it’s a priority they can get parked, as nobody gets treated if they can’t get to work.”

A spokesperson for Royal Berkshire Hospital said “The parking fees at the Royal Berkshire Hospital are benchmarked against other local trusts and other parking facilities in the area.

“The funds raised from parking fees help to support the provision of alternative transport options for our patients and staff including the park and ride service from Mereoak and Thames Valley Park which runs daily services to the hospital.”