New NHS statistics show that patients and visitors collectively paid over one million pounds for parking at Royal Berkshire Hospital from 2022 to 2023.

The data also shows that this was a result of a 41.1% increase in price as the following year patients and visitors paid £715,038 as opposed to this year’s £1,009,092.

Parking charges at Royal Berkshire Hospital are as follows:

Up to 1 hour £ 1.50

Up to 2 hours £ 4.00

Up to 3 hours £ 5.00

Up to 4 hours £ 7.50

Up to 6 hours £ 10.50

All day parking £ 16.50

Across the UK hospital patients and visitors forked out £146 million for car parking last year – up by 50% from the previous year, figures show.

This is the equivalent of £400,000 a day.

As previously reported by Mail online, campaign groups have warned that these 'sky high' prices could put people off seeking care or deprive them of the support they get from visitors.

The Liberal Democrats, who uncovered the data, branded it a “tax on caring” and criticised the Tory Government for “failing to deliver” on a manifesto pledge to end unfair hospital car parking charges.

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