As previously reported, many Woodley residents have recently noticed several exotic birds in their gardens.

A post released on Facebook detailed a sighting of green “Ring-Necked Parakeets,” one of which was photographed in Mr Rob Gladwin’s garden.

Upon the release of this photo, numerous other members of the community shared their views on the parakeets gracing Woodley’s trees, feeders, and skies.

Since then, Mr Gladwin has shared numerous other photographs that depict these bizarre feathered friends.

Updated pictures of the green parakeets show not one, but TWO exotic birds who have been regularly visiting gardens in the Woodley area.

Residents have subsequently agreed that sightings of green parakeets have become a consistent occurrence.

The new pictures of the birds show two of the green ring-necked parakeets perched up in a tree in Mr Gladwin’s garden, and then further photos of them feeding at his bird feeder.

Many took to the original post's comment section to share their experiences of seeing the unlikely feathered friends.

One commenter said “I often see them at dusk in the sky above the "new" nature reserve by Loddon Park” and another one said “Yes, very often in our garden.”

If you have seen the green parakeets, please email me your photos at