After previous reports of people cycling dangerously in Reading, it has come to our attention that the problem may be down to a rise in illegal E-bikes.

An illegal E-bike is a cheap normal bicycle that has been modified by the owner to become an electric bike.

According to London Cycling Campaign, the police can readily recognise illegally modified e-bikes and may seize the bike and charge the owner.

The store manager of Evans Cycles Mr Kieron Carey said that Reading is the worst for illegally modified delivery bikes.

“They also don’t have lights or wear helmets,” he said. “I almost got hit by one flying past the door the other day. They’re so dangerous.

“You can buy them on eBay. Luckily our shop won’t take any of them in to fix anymore.”

Mr Carey said that he thinks Reading is particularly bad for dangerous cycling.

He said: “Reading is so bad. There are no cycle paths, the roads are so congested with traffic, and a lot of people don’t care about bike safety around here.”

Mr Carey said that even if the owners of the illegal bikes come into the store, their bikes are not allowed on the shop floor.