After previously conducting research into why Whitley is labelled one of the most income-deprived neighbourhoods, many Whitley residents took to social media to express their love for the area.

Despite Whitley being considered a poorer part of Reading, many have defended the suburb saying that it’s a great place to live with a warm local community.

Zoe Annereau said: “Whitley has links to so many things. Reading Girl’s School is one of the top-performing schools in the UK (or was the case a couple of years ago), Shinfield Studios a stone's throw away, and Green Park houses a wealth of opportunities.

“Oh, and we don’t have thousands of new builds congesting the roads unlike three-mile cross/Spencer’s wood!

“There is a lot to be proud of Whitley, and the older generation needs to remember that, rather than continuing the stigma!”

Multiple users chimed in to agree with the previous commenter with many expressing how close and friendly the community is.

Karen Chesebro-Reilly said: “I love Whitley. We are down-to-earth people. On the bus when it's crowded some say, “Come on ducky we will all move up, squeeze up.”

“Some of the youngsters may look scary but talk to them and they are really nice. I have lived in Calcot, Tilehurst the USA, and Spain but home is where the heart is and that's Whitley.”

In agreement with the previous comment, Zoe Langford said: “100%! I grew up in Whitley and it’s the only place that truly feels like home.

“I live in Tilehurst now and I do love it here, but nothing beats Whitley, nowhere near as bad as people say.”

Many people supported the idea that Whitley does have positive aspects to it, like certain local amenities.

Jessica Casey said: “I grew up in Tilehurst, and now I live here in Whitley with my partner. I've been here eight years and he's lived here all his life.

“I love Whitley it has such a community feel the Whitley CDA does some amazing charity work with the cafe and community centre being very welcoming.

“Like all areas, it has its good and bad days with crime, and unruly kids but generally I've never felt unsafe here.”

However, some members did consider the reasoning for Whitley being named by the government as one of the more income-deprived areas.

Alison Marshall said: “Pretending people aren’t deprived here doesn’t help. It’s not a bad word.

“The people are great and community spirit still exists but many, many people here are very poor and certainly a lot poorer than other areas in Reading.

“Our schools are failing our children, the sale of council housing means that families are paying extortionate rents for badly maintained properties.

“Unemployment for school leavers is the highest in Reading, homelessness among young people the same.

The lack of investment and employment opportunities here are to blame, not the people living here.”