Thousands have been raised for former Caversham AFC coach and father of twins Myron Mario Johnson.

Dr Johnson, 37, was diagnosed last year with a rare form of cancer, and the money raised will pay for private dendritic stem cell treatment after all other avenues have failed him.

Towards the end of 2021, Myron started to feel that something was seriously wrong with his body.

He was initially diagnosed with a UTI, but after a series of tests came back from his GP with no answers, he was sent to a specialist for a cystoscopy.

“The doctor showed me the screen and said that in all his years of experience, that looks like cancer,” Myron said.

“He didn’t take me into a separate room or anything, he just dropped that on me then and there. But I don’t think that’s his fault as doctors are so pressed for time.”

When Myron left the screening room, he said that he heard a nurse tell her colleague “It’s such a shame, he’s so young.”

Myron underwent a biopsy which confirmed that he had a rare type of bladder cancer that only affects 0.2% of bladder cancer patients worldwide.

After four rounds of chemotherapy, Myron was not even able to open a car door, and his wife Dr Stefania Scalzullo had to help him do everything.

At the end of treatment, a doctor told Myron that there was now no evidence of disease. However, he soon started to feel the pain again.

After further tests, medical professionals told Myron that the cancer had now spread to his pelvis, lower back, and shoulder, and was now at stage four.

He has now completed a further six rounds of additional chemotherapy along with radiotherapy, but so far nothing has rid him of this awful disease.

“Because it’s such a rare cancer the doctor doesn’t know what his next step is,” he said.

Myron, who is a scientist by profession, has been researching alternative medical regimes and found dendritic stem cell therapy, a private treatment that will cost him a minimum of £50,000 as it is not offered on the NHS.

“I understand that the NHS is under pressure, but it would be nice if they were just open to other treatments and preventative medicine.

“I can do the research, but a person who is not as well educated in the sciences would not know that there are other options.”

Mr Johnson was formerly a Caversham AFC coach as his twins Amelia and Luca love playing football, but he had to stop earlier this year.

Both Dr Johnson and Dr Scalzullo came over to the UK from South Africa. “Our family is 12 hours away, and we don’t like asking for help. We have been so lucky in terms of the support we have had.”

Mr Johnson has continued to work throughout his whole treatment journey.

The GoFundMe, which was set up two weeks ago, has nearly reached £9000, with many donations being sent anonymously.

To donate to Myron’s fund, please click here.