Thames Valley Police has issued a warning stating that a large flood is causing roads in the Southcote area including Coley Avenue, Berkley Avenue, A4 Bath Road, and Southcote Lane to close. 

The flood is said to have been caused by a burst water main and drivers have been instructed to avoid the area until further notice. 

AA Live have released a statement and said: "Road closed due to burst water main and flooding on A4 Berkeley Avenue both ways between A4155 Bath Road and Coley Avenue."

Reading buses have also warned the public about delays. 

They tweeted saying: "Diversion due to burst water mains on the jet black 1, lime 2, 2a, yellow 26, route 87 & 90.

"Buses using Tilehurst Road and Libenrood Road. Unable to serve Lima Court, Downshire Square, Berkeley Ave, Southcote Road inbound."

The police have been contacted to comment further. We will update you as soon as we get a response.