Further investigation is needed at the site of a large sinkhole that opened up opposite a primary school in Charvil, the council has said.

The sinkhole appeared in East Park Farm car park, near Charvil Piggot Primary School, on Monday November 20. Wokingham Borough Council carried out radar scans last weekend, November 25 and 26, to see if there could be more sinkholes below the surface.

Now the council has said it needs to investigate further to find out exactly how much repair work needs to be done.

A statement sent to the Chronicle said: “We have completed a radar survey of the car park, which has indicated the need for further investigation works. These will confirm the full scope of the potential repairs necessary. The car park will remain closed for now.”

Wokingham Borough Council has not said what might have caused the sink hole, or whether its scans indicate more cavities below the surface of the car park.

Speaking earlier this week Lee Cripps, a Charvil parish councillor, said: “There’s been lots of guessing and supposition, but really you don’t get a sinkhole for no reason.

"You could say that we have in the last month, six weeks had a lot of rain. Is there an underground spring or stream? Nobody really knows at this point.”

Wokingham Borough Council has said it has "no further updates" to give on the possible causes of the sinkhole, or what the further investigation will involve, at this time.