Many dream of a white Christmas, and with rumours of incoming snow circulating we thought we’d break down what the weather is looking like this week in Berkshire.


According to the BBC, the weather in Reading this week is particularly chilly, with high points of six degrees Celsius and lows of minus four.

We will experience some sunny spells during Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, and can expect some rain on Thursday.

However, early in the morning on Sunday, it is currently predicted that we should experience both rain and sleet, which could easily mean that snow could be coming our way.


The weather in Bracknell is also going to fall below freezing at multiple points this week, with lows of minus three and four and highs of five and six degrees.

Sunny and bright spells are expected on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, although these may be brief.

It seems that Bracknell may have more of a chance of snow as sleet is predicted for both Thursday and Sunday this week.


On the whole, Slough will experience a warmer week than both Bracknell and Reading with highs of six degrees and lows of four with frequent sunshine.

We can expect sunny spells on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and a chance of rain on Thursday.

Like Bracknell and Reading, there is also a chance of sleet on Sunday with an addition of light rain showers.

It is currently unclear whether snow is definitely on its way to Berkshire, but the days are definitely getting significantly colder, so a white Christmas is not one hundred percent out of the question.