Further collapse has happened at a large sinkhole that opened up in Charvil, the local council has said.

The sinkhole appeared in East Park Farm car park, near Charvil Piggot primary school, on Monday November 20. Charvil Parish Council said it was working to keep the area safe – but that further collapse had taken place, in an update on Wednesday.

The council said: “The sides of the hole remain unstable, and we have seen a small amount of further collapse since Monday.

“The sinkhole will remain cordoned off, and while the car park is open to pedestrians, cyclists etc we would ask that you take extra care around the safety barriers, and keep any pets under close control.”

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The council said it is working with Wokingham Borough Council – which owns the land – to make the area safe. It said workers had inspected the hole, and would now scan the rest of the car park to make sure there are no more craters beneath the surface.

The statement said: “Charvil Parish Council is working closely with Wokingham Borough Council and Charvil Piggott Primary School to make the area safe and find the best way forward. We closed the car park as soon as the hole was discovered and fenced off the area immediately around it.

“The sinkhole has now been inspected. The next step is to scan the whole of the car park to ensure there are no other underground voids and determine the next course of action.

“We will continue to work closely with the school and borough council to ensure disruption caused by the sink hole is as minimal as possible.”

Wokingham Borough Council has not responded to questions about what might have caused the sinkhole, or whether it had been aware of any problems below the surface before it opened up.