A LARGE sinkhole has appeared near a primary school in Charvil. 

The hole, which reportedly appeared overnight, was discovered in East Park Farm Car Park next to Charvil Piggott Primary School on Monday (November 20) morning.

It is about two metres (6.5ft) deep and one metre (3.2ft) wide.

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Parents of pupils at the primary school, who often use the car park, have been urged to avoid the area while inspection crews survey the area - which has since been closed off by metal fencing.

Charvil Parish Council issued a statement urging residents to avoid the sinkhole.

It said: "The car park will remain closed to vehicles until we have completed our ground investigations.

"In the interest of safety, please stay away from the sinkhole, and safety barriers, as the ground surrounding the hole remains unstable.

"Please ensure that pets are kept on leads around the sports ground, as the hole is very deep and the edges are unsupported.

"The hole is susceptible to further collapse and is already around two metres deep.

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"We apologise for any inconvenience to users of our car park and facilities, and please be assured that we are working to get this rectified as quickly and safely as possible."

Councillor Lee Cripps took drone footage of the sinkhole to determine its size and depth, reporting it is 'very deep' and 'susceptible to further collapse'.

Speaking to the BBC, David Corringham, the school's premises manager, said: "It's all just sand down there, there's no real bedrock or anything - it looks like it's been washed away.

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"We've had all the school kids coming in this morning wondering if there's buried treasure in the car park."

Wokingham Borough Council, which owns the land, has been approached for comment.