In light of the instability of UK fuel prices within the last six months, we’ve rounded up the cheapest fuel stations within a five-mile radius of Reading.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has told the public that prices of fuel had risen by as much as 13.9p per litre since the end of May, partly due to wholesale costs.

Despite some shifts in costs, the nation is still substantially forking out to fill their car’s tanks.

The CMA found that petrol prices had increased from 142.9p per litre at the end of May to 154p per litre at the end of October.

For diesel, prices rose from 147.9p per litre to 161.8p per litre over the same period.

However, the AA has revealed that some drivers are paying between £5 and £7.50 less than the UK average each time they fill up.

This is because some UK towns and cities are enjoying pump prices of around 10p a litre below the national average.

With that in mind, here is a list of the top 10 cheapest places you can get petrol from in Reading:

1. Costo Reading, 100 South Oak Way, RG2 6UE, Unleaded: 138.9p, Diesel: 148.9p


Studies have found that Costco is the UK’s cheapest place to get petrol provided that you have a Costco membership.


2. BP Bath Road Calcot Service Station, Bath Road, RG31 7QN, Unleaded: 143.9p, Diesel: 152.9p


3. Sainsburys Calcot, Bath Road, RG31 7SA, Unleaded: 144.9p, Diesel: 153.9p


4. Asda Tilehurst School Road PFS, School Road, RG31 5AL, Unleaded: 145.7p, Diesel: 153.7p


Both Asda and Sainsburys have also been found to supply customers with some of the nation’s cheapest fuel points.


5. Morrisons Reading, Basingstoke Road, RG2 0HB, Unleaded: 146.7p, Diesel: 154.7p


6. Tesco Reading Extra, Napier Road, RG1 8DF, Unleaded: 146.9p, Diesel: 157.9p


7. Tesco Reading West Extra, Portman Riad, RG30 1AW, Unleaded: 146.9p, Diesel: 154.9p


8. ESSO Southcote Express, Bath Road , RG30 2EU, Unleaded: 148.9p, Diesel: 157.9p


9. Asda Lower Earley, Chalfont Way, RG6 5TT, Unleaded: 149.7p, Diesel: 156.7p


10. BP London Road MFG Reading, London Road, RG1 5BW, Unleaded: 149.9, Diesel: 159.9p