A GP in Henley is running a seven-day event aimed at saving as much household energy as possible.

‘One Week’ will run from November 19 to 26, and the concept is based on the idea that little changes that might not be possible for the long term are not so much of an issue for one week.

To take part, Dr Will Hearsey is asking members of the public to set themselves challenges to reduce household energy consumption by comparing previous weeks readings to the One Week readings.

Reductions in energy consumption can be achieved by not turning on lights, having cold meals by candlelight, or unplugging appliances from the wall when not in use.

Once the week is over, participants can input readings onto the One Week website so the organisers can see how much people are saving.

Founder of One Week Dr Will Hearsey said: “If every household and business in the UK managed at least that 11% reduction,

“It would save 1.4 million barrels of oil – accounting for the equivalent of the total annual CO2 emissions of more than 130,000 petrol vehicles or that of 1.6 natural gas-fired power plants.”

For more information on how to take part in One Week, click here.