Ricky Gervais, famous for his satirical one-liners, often quips about his disdain for  his birthplace Reading.

In marked contrast, however, today's Reading proffers a vision of a revitalised town beloved by independent businesses, according to MailOnline.

Reading's face-lift, seemingly unappreciated by Gervais, is filled with lively bars, breweries and diverse eateries, according to local business owner, Glen Dinning.

He explains how over the past decade, Reading’s historic centre has attracted an array of independent ventures, establishing it as a dynamic hub.

Glen Dinning, who owns Blue Collar, a street food pop-up, told the Mail Online: "Independent businesses have flocked to the town in the past ten years.

"Now the town is full of brilliant bars, breweries, restaurants, cafes and art shops."

Moreover, the Oracle Centre and pedestrianised Broad Street present a medley of household names, from Primark to John Lewis, established against the backdrop of the beautifully renovated Forbury Gardens and Lido.

Significantly, Reading's renewal is driven by major transport improvements.

The town offers quick links to Paddington and Central London, with the new Elizabeth line and direct trains to Gatwick Airport offering convenient connections.

The location is strategic for commutes to Bristol, Manchester, and Oxford.

Affirming Reading's renaissance is the influx of dominant corporations like Microsoft, Amazon, and Virgin Media to the nearby M4 corridor, earning it the name 'Silicon Valley' of the UK title.

Residential developers have designed their homes with young professionals in mind. Ebb & Flow, for example, are two blocks of rental apartments, making 598 in total, on the Station Hill development.

At the entrance, there’s a large, hotel-style foyer, with booths for working online. Upstairs, space is given over to a yoga studio, gym, and TV and cinema rooms.

The apartments, only five minutes from the station, are furnished by Conran and cost about £2,400 a month for a two-bed and £1,200 for a studio.

The free amenities make up a fair chunk of the rental. "This is more than an apartment block," says community manager Michael McGarry.

"It’s a community of like-minded people."