Double yellow lines on a road near a Woodley primary school will be extended after pleas from residents.

Councillor Laura Blumenthal said there was an “accident waiting to happen” at the junction of Fairwater Drive and Highgate Road, round the corner from South Lake Primary School.

She said Wokingham Borough Council officers had already told her the crossing was a “low priority” – despite what she said were “several near misses,” with cars having to park on one side of the road, on a blind bend.

Councillor Blumenthal asked Paul Fishwick – the councillor responsible for roads – if officers could think again.

She said she raised the matter “so my conscience is clear.” But councillor Fishwick said highways officers had to prioritise the dozens of requests they receive each year – and manage a limited budget.

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He said: “l also need to have a clear conscience and that is why this administration is committed to doing road improvements in order of priority need.

“There are other locations in the borough that have to take precedence as far as road safety is concerned. We only have limited funds, and it is important we spend them wisely and where they will have the most impact on safety.”

But councillor Fishwick added that officers believed extending the double yellow lines could be “an alternative solution.”

He said this would “discourage parking in critical areas thereby improving safety.” And he added: “This will bring about safety improvements without the need to wait for a crossing.”

Councillor Fishwick also said the proposed changes would be advertised in January 2024, and would discuss the new length of the lines with councillor Blumenthal.