There is an “accident waiting to happen” on a road next to South Lake primary school a councillor has warned – with a plea for a safer crossing.

South Lake councillor Laura Blumenthal says council highways officers have decided installing a “formal crossing” at the junction of Fairwater Drive and Highgate Road is a “low priority.”

That’s despite “several near misses” at the junction, according to councillor Blumenthal, with cars having to park on one side of the road, on a blind bend.

Councillor Blumenthal was set to ask for council officers to think again, at a Wokingham Borough Council meeting on Thursday, September 21, so that her “conscience is clear.”

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She said: “I'm raising this in the chamber so my conscience is clear. There is an accident waiting to happen.

“There is a permanent line of cars parked on Fairwater Drive, at the junction with Highgate Road. This is where primary school children cross to get to school and cannot see over the cars.

“Despite near misses of vehicles pushed to one side of the road on a blind bend, the council has decided that the area is safe and installing a formal crossing a low priority.

“Please can you ask officers to revisit their decision or at least can you meet with residents on site who are upset with the Council's lack of action?”