Number plate recognition cameras are to be switched on at 11 sites where drivers could soon get fined across Wokingham and Shinfield next week.

The cameras will snare drivers breaking rules including making banned turns and going the wrong way down a one-way street.

The government granted Wokingham Borough Council powers to punish drivers for moving traffic offences in June. The council then issued an order in July outlining sites where it will use its new powers.

Signing off on the order, councillor Paul Fishwick, responsible for highways, said he was making it on “road safety grounds.”

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Police can already punish drivers for these offences – but the new powers mean the council can now issue its own fines.

For the first six months, owners of vehicles caught out will receive a warning for their first offence.

After six months, the vehicle’s registered keeper will receive a penalty charge notice within 28 days of the offence.

They will have 28 days to pay the penalty charge. If the charge is paid within 21 days, a 50 per cent discount will be applied.

The 11 sites are:


  • Goatley Way – one way from Peach Street to Luckley Path in Wokingham town centre
  • No right turn from Broad Street onto Rose Street in Wokingham town centre
  • No cars allowed at the end of Milton Road adjoining Rectory Road in Wokingham town centre
  • No right turn from Station Road onto Station Approach in front of Wokingham train station
  • No right turn from Barkham Road onto Oxford Road behind Wokingham train station
  • Ahead only from Wellington Road at the crossroads with Station Road and Barkham road, next to Wokingham train station
  • No right turn from Whitlock Avenue onto London Road
  • No vehicles heavier than 7.5 tonnes allowed on Gipsy Lane
  • No vehicles wider than two metres at the western end of Murdoch Road, past the junctions of South Drive and Crescent Road


  • No cars allowed on Bolton Drive between junction of Martyn Crescent and Fullbrook Avenue
  • And no cars allowed in the opposite direction, on the stretch of Fullbrook Avenue connecting with Bolton Drive

Wokingham Borough Council said: “Road safety is a key priority for the council. With other offences, such as parking, there is an immediate reduction in people parking illegally when officers are patrolling in an area.

“By introducing ANPR cameras, it is hoped that increased enforcement of moving traffic offences will deter those tempted to make illegal driving manoeuvres.”