We all love a bargain and with the sad closure of Reading's much-loved House of Fraser, shoppers have been out in force this week hoping to pick one or two up.

The department store, which has been a firm fixture in the Oracle shopping centre since it opened in 1999, will be closing its doors for the final time at the end of October.

In the meantime, prices on all non-sale items have been slashed by 20 per cent with up to 50 per cent off furniture.

But what does this mean in reality? Are there any bargains to be had just yet or are shoppers best off waiting? 

Our reporter popped out to take a look at some of the weird, wonderful and outright odd things on offer. Enjoy! 

1. Jazzy green sofa with enough room for a football team 

Reading Chronicle:

This green velvet sofa, an absolute steal at the small price of almost £3,000. ‘Clearance sale’ is obviously used loosely here.

Its wide width and spacious design means this would be perfect for those with big families - and big homes. 

2. Plenty of Prime if you're thirsty 

Reading Chronicle:

The social media craze may have died down but there are plenty of bottles on offer if you're thirsty for a slice of the action.

Dozens of bottles of Prime are on offer at House of Fraser currently but with no sale tags, you will probably still have to pay full price. Lucky you.

3. A castle fit for a princess (but no dolls included) 

Reading Chronicle:

If your Barbie era isn’t over just yet, you could buy this massive 'Disney Princess Ultimate Celebration Castle'! Dolls not included.

5. Like your kids dressed to impress? Plenty of designer wares for little ones 

Reading Chronicle:

House of Fraser have also got you covered if you fancy your child head to toe in designer wear. Sale items include mini Ralph Lauren shirts, Barbour coats, and Guess jumpers.

6. Beers in a boombox? Living the dream 

Reading Chronicle:

Ever wanted an appliance that acts as a fridge but also a speaker? Run, don’t walk, to nab your very own beach cooler box sounds!

7. Celebrating setting the girls free with a fun cushion 

Reading Chronicle:

Not sure what initiates you as part of the ‘no bra club’, but in case people didn’t know you were a member, you can say it to them in a cushion.

8. Spacy soap 

Reading Chronicle:

Fancy an ‘out of this world’ galaxy soap bar? Yep, neither do we.

9. Quirky lamp for Disney fans 

Reading Chronicle:

Finally, for all you Disney fans – an 101 Dalmatians 3D effect lamp, a.k.a the staple for every living room.

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