A HOUSE where a vulnerable woman was being taken advantage of has been partially sealed by order of a magistrates' judge – after neighbours raised concerns to the police.

The order on a house in Northumberland Avenue, Whitley, was granted on Friday, September 1, by Reading Magistrates' Court under Section 80 of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Disorder Act 2014.

Police applied for the order against the property following complaints from neighbours.

The partial closure prevents anyone other than the specified persons listed on the order from entering the property for a period of three months.

Anyone who enters the house will commit an offence and would be liable on summary conviction to imprisonment, a fine, or both.

Police said: "Following reports of a vulnerable female being taken advantage off in the Whitley area, which has had an impact on her and her neighbours, a 3 month partial closure order has been obtained on an address on Northumberland Avenue #yousaidwedid#nhptreadingsouth"