It’s nearly that time again. 

Reading Festival is almost upon us and that means more bands, booze and bizarre moments. 

Last year was no different, with plenty of crazy incidents making headlines, good and bad. 

Here’s what happened at Reading Festival 2021. 

The girl who lost the tip of her finger

Student Summer Gibbs had a festival to forget last year when the tip of her finger was chopped off in a freak accident. 

The 16-year-old student had been waiting 90 minutes to watch rapper Aitch come on stage when a mosh pit formed at the main stage. 

Reading Chronicle: Summer Gibbs seen escorted by Reading Festival staff after injuring her finger

Summer said: “There was a mosh pit and as everyone came out, it expanded a gap in the gate.

“The next thing I know my finger was trapped in there.”

Summer passed out and was lifted out of the crowd by security and her next memory was being inside the festival’s medical tent. 

Reading Chronicle: Summer Gibbs seen escorted by Reading Festival staff after injuring her finger

Read more of what she had to say here. 

Camper’s hilarious review of the festival’s showers

Hardcore festival-goers are the ones who go a full five days without showering. 

But for some, the smell is too much to bear. 

Reading Chronicle:

One attendee decided to take the plunge last year and left a hilarious review of the facilities on Snapchat. 

‘2/10’ was their conclusion - read the full review here. 

Fan gets Becky Hill to sign his chest

We all remember Alex from Glasto’, right?

The teenager who went on stage with rapper Dave at Glastonbury in 2019 and subsequently went viral?

Well, Reading Festival almost had its own Alex from Glasto moment last year when a fan was called on stage to chat to Becky Hill. 

Reading Chronicle:

The festival-goer, named Matthew, had written a message across his torso which read: “Becky Hill sign my t***”.
Halfway through her set she asked security to help bring him on stage so she could sign his chest. 

After finding a pen, Hill scribbled her autograph in large writing across the right side of Matthew’s chest. 

Reading Chronicle:

‘You had better buy my album now I’ve signed your t***’, Hill told the youngster. 

Read the full story of the encounter here

Reading Festival gets its own Nando’s 

The food at Reading Festival last year was largely hit and miss. 

There was some great grub on site in the form of the giant Yorkshire Puddings, and some less-than-great grub elsewhere. 

Reading Chronicle: The not so great grubThe not so great grub

But there was another option at the last incarnation of the festival which made it stand out from years gone by. 

A Nando’s truck was set up inside the arena but near the camping site so people could pick at Peri-Peri chicken throughout the day. 

Reading Chronicle:

It even had its own DJ set on top!

Here’s hoping it returns this year. 

This guy crowd surfing in a wheelchair, the guy who let people write all over him in Sharpie pen, and the group who were pretending to row boats

There was plenty of great content on Snapchat over the course of the festival. 

There’s not much more to say about this first one other than it is what it says on the tin - there was a man crowd surfing in a wheelchair at Reading Festival. 

Reading Chronicle: Highlights from day one of Reading Festival

We hope he got down safely.

And then there was this dude, who let people go to town on his bare torso with a sharpie pen. What a legend. 

Reading Chronicle:

And finally, a group of youngsters pretended to row their boats in the middle of a performance at the festival. 

Looks like great fun. 

Reading Chronicle:

Needles at Reading Festival

Apologies for the clickbait subheading - we mean vaccination needles, not any other sorts of needles.

A pop-up vaccination service was set up at the event last year as the UK emerged from the pandemic. 

Reading Festival was one of the first large-scale music events to take place post-lockdown and NHS staff were on hand to make sure everyone was protected. 

Reading Chronicle:

The Tilehurst lad who performed in front of his parents

Tayo Sound - remember the name. 

Reading Chronicle:

The 19-year-old (yes, 19!) performed at Reading Festival last year in front of dozens, if not hundreds, of adoring fans. 

Tilehurst native Tayo also counted his parents Fiona and Yinka amongst the audience members. 

Previously a busker, Tayo said: “To have people yelling my name, singing the lyrics back to me… that was incredible.”

Keep an eye out for Tayo - he has a song coming out with Rudimental on August 19!


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Ashnikko dressed as large genitalia

American singer and rapper Ashnikko appeared in the press tent wearing a giant vulva-shaped costume last year. 

Reading Chronicle:

That’s all that needs to be said about that one. 

Also spotted in the press tent was comedian Rob Beckett, artists Jake Bugg and Yungblud, and YouTube sensations The Sidemen.

Reading Festival's best-dressed

We spotted many amazing costumes at last year's event, with people going for some weird and wacky outfits. 

Here are some of our favourites. 

Reading Chronicle:

Reading Chronicle:

Reading Chronicle: