An unauthorised caravan camp has surrounded a children's playground in a Reading park.

At least 18 caravans and 14 cars and vans were photographed in Arthur Newbery Park, Tilehurst, at 7am this morning.

Reading Borough Councillor for Kentwood, Raj Singh, said: "The park is used by young kids for sports activities during the summer holidays and the dog walkers which now fully taken over by the caravans.

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"The surrounding area of the park has elderly residents who feel vulnerable, anxious, frustrated with the situation and stayed awake last night."

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He said he was working with the police and council officers, and feeding back comments from the residents.

Reading Chronicle: Photograph taken by Tony McGinn of flyskydrones.comPhotograph taken by Tony McGinn of

A spokesperson for Reading Borough Council said: "Officers have been made aware of this encampment and will be visiting the site today to carry out an assessment and start legal proceedings to recover possession of the land.

"Officers are working with Thames Valley Police to monitor this encampment and agree the most appropriate course of action to take swift action to remove it."

More to follow.