WOODLEY residents have been thanked for their generosity after thousands of pounds and donations were collected for people affected by the war in Ukraine.

Residents, community groups and businesses came together to donate clothing and medical supplies when the war was announced in Ukraine.

Ronnie Goodberry quickly started gathering donations from residents at his home, before personally driving them to people in need at the Polish-Ukraine border with his friend Duane Harris.

The 62-year-old managed to fill  two lorries full of donations to be shipped to Ukraine back in March.

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Then in April, Ronnie and Duane brought vital medical supplies, medicines and three wheelchairs to a Polish convent.

On Wednesday, May 4, Ronnie received a letter from the Ukrainian ministry thanking him for 'throwing a lifeline' to the peope of Ukraine.

It reads: "Dear friends, On February 24, 2022, Russia barbarically launched a war against Ukraine.

"The occupants destroy our towns and villages with brital hate, kill, rape and murder civilians. The enemy acts means and cruel. Ukraine and Ukraininas fiercely resist. Our cities are hit with missiles, they are bombed, they are under rocket artillery and yet they have been standing like fortresses.

Reading Chronicle:

"The whole rear of our country in unity forces victory, supports the army and civillians, organises help for refugees and residents of the trapped cities. However our efforts would not be so effective and help to those in need wuld not be so quick, if you have not thrown a lifelinet o us through your initiative and civic engagmeent.

"We laack words to express our deep respect and boundless gratitute to you for the time, attention, help an dcare you gave us. Thanks to your support, we are able to provide medicines and wound care supplies to those in need, food and other vital articles for refugees, civicilians and military personnel almost 24 hours a day. We also have the possibility to send this iad to other regions of Ukraine which have suffered the most from the attack of the occupiers.

Once again we would like to thank for your important work, for the inspiration and faith in ourselves that helps us to hold on, for making a new history togeher with us.

"Yours sincerely, Seregii Gemberg, deputy administration head." 

Ronnie said the letter was a 'complete surprise'. 

'This was a community effort in Woodley, it was a bit of a surprise to receive the letter but a few words really do go a long way,' Mr Goodberry said.

"These refugees are going through a hell of a lot. If we can go a little way to support them then that's enough. I showed the letter on Facebook and we've had a few comments to say 'it's brough tears' to their eyes.

"People showing that emotion has brough a new factor to our campaign, so we are definitely going to go again one way or another, even if its to volunteer at the crisis hub helping a few people with their visas as unfortunately the British government have made it very complex."