A SELF-PROCLAIMED ‘anti-misogynist’ has been locked up after he was convicted of raping and sexually abusing a teenage girl.

Jonathan Liebling, who has previously gained notoriety lobbying for cannabis legalisation, groomed the girl with the class B drug before sexually abusing her over a period of four days in July 2021.

The 54-year-old, of Mount Pleasant, Reading, was slammed by a judge for his lack of remorse and empathy towards his victim.

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This led to Liebling receiving an extended prison sentence after he was deemed a ‘dangerous’ individual.

Reading Crown Court heard how Liebling, a psychiatric nurse who describes himself as an ‘anti-misogynist’ and a ‘humanist’ on a personal social media account, raped, penetrated and sexually assaulted the girl after his grooming of her began in September 2020.

He isolated and alienated the girl from her family, the court heard, and gave her cannabis and alcohol when she was aged under 16.

Liebling’s successful grooming enabled him to carry out his vile behaviour despite the girl’s mother pleading with social services and police to investigate the 54-year-old -- but she was ‘constantly shut down’, Reading Crown Court heard.

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At his trial, Liebling told the jury that he was the girl’s ‘saviour’ as she was ‘out-of-control’, but the jury rejected this account and returned with guilty verdicts to multiple sexual offences.

Her Honour Judge Nott, sentencing, said: “You were predatory, you were abusive and this was targeted and planned offending.”

The judge said the victim suffered ‘severe psychological harm’ that would take ‘months, if not years to unpick.’

Liebling’s defence barrister, Claire Evans, argued her client did have some remorse for his victim, but Judge Nott rejected this.

She said: “There is absolutely no remorse here -- none.

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“It is your lack of remorse and your lack of empathy that makes you so dangerous.”

Liebling was handed a 27-year prison sentence for two counts of rape, two counts of assault by penetration, sexual assault, supply of a class B drug, and two counts of intimidation of a witness.

He will be eligible for release after fourteen years should a parole board decide he can be free.

However, he will serve the remaining years of his sentence on licence.

Liebling was sentenced at Reading Crown Court on Friday, May 6.