READING Chronicle readers have come in to defend a University Challenge contestant who faced cricitism over her age on the show.

Margaret Ounsley represented the University of Reading on the BBC 2 show, hosted by Jeremy Paxman.

The 63-year-old has responded to “controversy” on social media accusing her of being “too old”to compete against University students onthe show.

The Coley resident, who is studying for a PHD in poor law history, is one of four Reading students who have beaten the odds to take the university to the final for the first time in its history.

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However, Reading readers have reacted to the controversy surrounding her age.

One Woodley resident said: "Why can’t people just be chuffed that a good thing happened and we have charming brainy people who want to represent our town/university?

"They were all worthy and I love the mixed ages of the group. It should inspire mature students to pursue the joy of learning at any age."

Another echoed this and said: "She's made a valuable contribution to the series throughout, helping Reading get through to the Finals She's studying for a PhD at Reading University and is a mature student, so is perfectly eligible.

"Well done Margaret Ounsley, and the rest of the excellent team!"

Another resident simply said: "She's studying for a degree at Reading University. What's her age got to do with it?"