ANGRY residents says the rubbish in Reading has "never been this bad" as piles of binbags are flytipped.

But Reading Borough Council says they are aware of the issues regarding excess waste and are working to reduce fly-tipping on a long term basis.

Councillor Rob White first pointed out the issues in Westerham Walk near Whitley Street where the bins are overflowing with rubbish bags.

Dozens of bins across the town have been overflowing because of the lack of space inside them, according to another resident.

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Kevin Taylor said: "The move from the 240 Litre waste bins to the 140Litre waste bins has been a disaster and a total waste of money by the council. There isn't really any more rubbish, it's just the larger households or HMO's are finding it harder to get rid of their general waste. And this is the result.

"Local to me, our bins at the local shops have rubbish dumped by them as well as the bins by the bus stops. Also, the local bottle bank/Clothes bank at Tilehurst Station is now a dumping ground as well as other areas.

"It's never been this bad."

The council said the rubbish has cleared in Westerham Walk since it was first reported on Streetcare on Wednesday, January 12.

A Reading Borough Council spokesman said: "We are aware of the issues with excess waste and fly tipping blocking access to the bins at this location over the Christmas period.

"We have contacted the managing agents who have arranged for the waste to be cleared. As soon as the waste is removed, which we understand should be completed today, we will empty the bins and work with the managing agents to look at options to reduce fly tipping on a long term basis."