Halloween has been and gone, bonfire night went by in a flash… so it’s basically Christmas now, right?

One store on Broad Street seems to think so. 

That’s because ‘The Christmas Shop’ is now officially open. 

Reading Chronicle:

The store has been open on Broad Street for about two weeks now, actually, and is already proving a hit with residents. 

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In the name of investigative journalism, I went into the store to see what was inside. 

You’ll feel christmassy right away

As you walk in, you are swamped by a sea of red items, which isn’t exactly surprising. 

The store has lots of Christmas stockings, wrapping paper, bags, etc., all adorned in the traditional colour of the festive season. 

Reading Chronicle:

And the store has all the Christmas classics (albeit they are covers) playing whilst you browse, which is certainly not to be sniffed at. 

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There are some cool props on offer

On one shelf of the store is filled with very cool props that are sure to make a home look very festive. 

Reading Chronicle:

It features boxes that look like big books with St Nick on the cover, and there is a box with a fake lock that says ‘do not open until December 25’ on it. 

Reading Chronicle:

There’s a good selection for kids

One great item I spotted was a book-like box that does in fact open (unlike some of the others). 

Inside is a letter and a response from Santa, two envelopes and a sticker sheet. 

Reading Chronicle:

There’s also a letter-writing kit for youngsters available. 

Reading Chronicle:

You’ve heard of elf on a shelf…

But what about Santa on a shelf? Penguin on a shelf?

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At the back of the store on the top shelf of the island there are a number of cute ornaments. 

Reading Chronicle:

There’s a range to choose from, including sparkly Christmas trees, jolly-looking santas and a cosy penguin. 

It’s chilly out there

If you’re looking for something to keep your head warm this winter period, there’s a great selection at The Christmas Shop. 

Reading Chronicle:

There are loads of Santa hats to choose from which come in all shapes, colours and sizes. 

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Our favourite headwear was the novelty Christmas turkey hat, however -- just £2.99!

Reading Chronicle:

I could only find one Christmas jumper -- for a toddler -- in the store, sadly.

The usual suspects

Like any half-decent Christmas store, there’s everything you’d expect inside as well. 

Reading Chronicle:

From crackers, to tinsel, wrapping paper, stickers, cards, baubles and more. 

The Christmas Store is open from 9am to 6pm. 

Reading Chronicle: