CORONAVIRUS infection rates in the borough have been fluctuating over the last few weeks.

There was a massive spike in infections in late April and early May in Reading due to the spread of the Delta variant, which gave the borough the highest infection rate in the country for some time.

During the last few weeks of July and the start of August cases had dropped significantly, giving the borough one of the lowest rates in Berkshire.

The borough of Reading is also has the highest rates in the county after a considerable drop in cases in recent months.

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There is a varying story across Reading, with some areas recording few cases of Covid-19 in recent days, while some areas have seen a significant increase, according to Public Health England.

Coley Park saw by far the highest rate of Covid cases in the borough in the seven days to September 29.

A total of 46 new positive cases were recorded in the area, 17 more than the previous seven days, giving it an rate of 536.9 if taken over 100,000 people.

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Lower Caversham had a rate of 424.3, with 33 positive cases, Caversham Balmore Park 421.2 with five new cases, were also among the borough’s highest rates.

Caversham Emmer Green (442.7) and Earley (553.3) recorded the highest infection rates after this with a handful of other areas also having an infection rate over 300 positive coronavirus cases per 100,000 people.

There a still a number of areas recording some of the lowest infection rates in the country.

Southampton Street & Redlands Road saw 20 cases in the seven days to September 29. This is 12 fewer than the previous seven days, giving it an infection rate of 195.2 new positive cases per 100,000.

Wokingham Road is also recording an infection rate below 300 per 100,000. The area saw 22 new cases in the last seven days, four fewer than the week before, giving it a rate of 278.0 per 100,000.

Norcot South also saw a big drop in cases in the seven days to September 29. The area recorded 12, 16 fewer than the previous week.

To view an interactive map of Covid cases in Reading, visit online.