AN online tool reveals how risk you are at contracting a sexually transmitted infection in Reading.

The town has the second-highest sexual infection rate in the south east, with Brighton and Hove ranking first.

Created by experts at From Mars, an interactive STI Calculator reveals how likely you are to come into contact with an STI across the region.

The diagnosis rate in Reading is 1,135 per 100,000 people.

Reading Chronicle:

In the whole country, the region is ranked number 30.

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Here's a full breakdown of the STI rates in Reading per 100,000 people:

  • Syphilis: 6.8
  • Gonorrhoea: 112
  • Chlamydia: 556
  • Genital warts: 128
  • Genital herpes: 87
  • New HIV diagnostic rate (aged 15+) 11.6
  • HIV diagnosed prevalence rate (aged 15-59) 3.5

Navin Khosla, Superintendent Pharmacist at From Mars explains why the calculator has been created and the importance of having safe sex.

He said: “Here at From Mars, we understand the importance of sexual health and why it’s vital we all have safe and enjoyable sex. We wanted to create the STI Calculator so that people across the UK could get a better understanding of the most prevalent STIs in their local area and how ‘at risk’ they are of catching one if safe sex isn’t abided by.

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“The calculator is extremely easy to use and we hope it comes in useful for as many people as possible. Simply select your region and you will be given the number of STI cases in your area, as well as the most common STIs.

“It’s crucial we all have safe sex and use a form of protection which is best suited to our bodies. For men, it’s advised that a condom should always be used, regardless of whether your female partner is on the contraceptive pill or not. There are many forms of contraception for women and your GP is on hand to talk you through your best options, as well to help put your mind at ease.”