A DRIVER who thought he was ‘Lewis Hamilton’ has been hit with a fine after being caught speeding at 91mph on the motorway.

The motorist was caught out by police between junctions 13 and 12 on the M4 on Sunday, June 6.

On Twitter Thames Valley Police wrote: “This driver on the #M4 between jct 13-12 thought he was Lewis Hamilton and tried to get the best sector time between the two junctions.

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“However they failed miserably and left with a ticket.”

This came just hours after the real Lewis Hamilton missed out on a great chance to win the Azerbijan grand prix on Sunday.

After taking the lead in the race, Hamilton’s car malfunctioned and he finished in 15th place, collecting zero points.

TVP referenced the race in a separate post earlier that day.

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The force tweeted about seizing a car because its driver had no licence or insurance.

It read: “Car now seized and the driver gaining more points then Lewis Hamilton today.”

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