THAMES Valley Police has been awarded more than £400,000 to make some of Berkshire's most streets safer from crime.

It comes after the Government pledged more than £18 million in funding to 40 areas of England and Wales in a bid to make them safer.

The money from the Safer Streets Fund will pay to crack down on crimes like burglary, vehicle theft and install CCTV cameras on streets that are deemed unsafe.

Thames Valley was among the 40 areas to receive a share of the funding.

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Reading Chronicle:

The third round of the fund also opens on Thursday, allowing authorities another chance to bid for a further £25 million for 2021/22 which will focus on projects to help women and girls feel safer on the streets.

Some of Berkshire's most dangerous streets have been revealed.

According to data from Police.UK, statistics for the latest month (April) reveals the roads with the most reported crimes. 


Reading Chronicle:

Statistics reveal that 219 crimes were reported in Bracknell in April.

Crimes defined as 'violent and sexual offences' made up the highest proportion of these reports (93).

Top 5 streets where this type of crime happened:

  • Haversham Drive - 3 reports
  • Horewoord Road - 3 reports
  • Boole Heights - 2
  • Hopper Vale - 3
  • Swaledale - 4


Reading Chronicle:

Statistics show 427 crimes were reported in Reading in the Battle/Abbey area in April.

Once again, Violence and sexual offences was the most recorded crime by Thames Valley Police with 135 reports.

Top 5 dangerous streets:

  • West Streets - 8
  • Cheapside - 6
  • Zinzan Street - 3
  • Clifton Street - 6
  • BP garage Oxford Road - 9


Reading Chronicle:

Crimes defined as 'violent and sexual offences' made up the highest number of reports by the police force - 37 in total.

Breakdown of top 5 streets:

  • Alma Road - 3
  • Grove Road - 3
  • Thames Street - 6
  • Trinity Place - 2
  • Peascod Street - 2


Reading Chronicle:

Most recent statistics for Slough reveals there were 370 crimes recorded.

Of these, Violence and sexual offences were the most common with 136 reported to 999.

Most dangerous streets include: 

  • The Grove - 3
  • Park Street - 5 
  • Windsor Road - 23
  • Chalvey Road East - 6
  • Martin Road - 9