A MYSTERIOUS white telephone used as an 'emergency flood line' has appeared on Sonning bridge.

The strange installation appeared on the side of the bridge last week.

Wokingham Borough Council tweeted about the ordeal and said: "Ring Ring, Hello, it's Wokingham Borough Council - does anyone know who stuck this phone to Sonning Bridge?'

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"If you ever have flooding concerns call Floodline (no, not on that phone) on 0345 988 11 88"

The Sonning bridge has Grade II listed status which means any alterations must be agreed upon with Wokingham Borough Council as the planning authority.

It is not the first time random items have appeared on the bridge.

In 2013, a red postbox placed on the side of the bridge left residents bemused as to how it got there.

People on Twitter believe the telephone is done by Sonning's very own artist

They said: "Almost certainly another art installation by Sonning’s own guerilla artist."