THIS weekend is the first in five months where we will be able to enjoy a drink inside a pub.

And visiting your nearest Spoons will likely be on the cards for many friends hoping to go out this weekend.

Wetherspoons, which has four pubs across Reading, remains a popular choice for many.

Thousands of you have been sharing your experiences of the pub chain, good and bad, on TripAdvisor.

A mix of reviews of 'Spoons' visits based on food, service, value and atmosphere make for some interesting reading.

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Here's the best and worst Wetherspoons across the borough- based on the percentage of 'excellent' and 'very good' reviews.

The Monk's Retreat

TripAdvisor reviewers gave The Monk's Retreat an excellent or very good ranking 78.9 per cent of the time for a rating of 3.5 out of five.

Reading Chronicle:

Good gin selection

"Felt welcome throughout our visit very" and a "very good cocktail menu" said one customer.

Another said: " I couldn't have been more impressed about the service." 

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But this customer disagreed: "Just shocking food, replaced hash browns with frozen and stale chips, guy brought out expecting us not to realise."

Baron Cadogan

Reading Chronicle:

This Caversham pub was praised highly for its service. Reviews gave it a score of 3.5 out of five, with 63 per cent of them rating it excellent or very good.

Excellent customer service

The service was a highlight for one customer who said: "Jake and Emma are outstanding. Their attention to detail and excellent customer service result in the best breakfasts for miles around."

'The most mucky glasses you will ever see'

The dirty glasses claimed by one customer left them feeling very upset with their visit, they said: "After being served I noticed a barmaid pouring a glass o John Smith into a glass I can only describe as filthy after mention it the bar maid she only replied 'your not drinking it are you '

The manager at the time said the glasses have since been replaced.

Back of Beyond

Reading Chronicle:

More than 200 reviewers gave this pub a rating of 3.5out of five on TripAdvisor, and 56 per cent of the 203 reviews rated it excellent or very good.

One of the best pubs in Reading

One customer said: "Been here at least 100 times. Definitely the best spoons in Reading. Decent location too away from the noisy part of town."

'Miserable staff'

Some customers were left disappointed by the staff: "I have never been in an establishment with so many miserable staff! No manners, not a please or thank you in sight."

The Hope Tap

Reading Chronicle:

The Hope Tap gets a 3.5 out of five rating from its 211 TripAdvisor reviews - with 44 per cent ranking the pub as excellent or very good - the lowest score.

Brilliant for Breakfast

One customer praised their fry-ups and said: "

Margaret T

66 reviews

Reviewed 11 September 2017

Brilliant for Breakfast

Went to The Hope Tap for breakfast very reasonably priced breakfast menu. Food was well presented which we enjoyed. Excellent coffee from new self service machine with a free refill. Would definitely recommend."

'Absolutely dreadful'

However, another was less than impressed saying: "Had a Brie and Bacon burger. Looked great on the menu, however, when it arrived, it was absolutely dreadful. About 15 chips were in a pile stuck together (like building blocks).

"We then tackled the burger. My goodness, what a mess. The burger itself was so cold, the Brie on top of it stayed cold, not melting as it should do!! The bits of burnt bacon were not welcome. All in all, the most disgusting meal we have had this whole year."