TRIGGER WARNING: The video contains graphic images and strong language. 

A VIDEO of a cow 'being rammed' into by a police car has been shared online.

The graphic video appears to show a runaway cow walking on the pavement before being mowed down by a police car.

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The video below appears to show the cow running along Wokingham Road moments before a van pulls up to its side.

The second video then shows a police car hitting the cow causing it to fall over.

The video has caused outrage online with people calling it 'absolutely barbaric' and 'unforgivable'.

AJ Waite who took the video and posted it around midnight claims he saw the cow being hit four times by a police car.

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At the time he "felt gutted" and that there was "no need" for it to happen.

Cassie King said: "A cow escaped a farm not far from me and the police think it’s acceptable to mow the poor animal down?"

At around 8pm yesterday residents in Victors Way and Hurricane Way saw a cow running down the street.

A police car and a farmer were reportedly chasing it through the streets of Woodley in a bid to contain the animal.

Thames Valley Police has been contacted for a comment.